As presentational videos evolve in the era of streamers and Let's Play, I've become interested in making informative videos of a different kind. I think there can be a comfortable balance between giving out information and a informal personal perspective. My recent video projects have been attempts to find this; in the form of live games commentaries or music video podcasts.

Cool Songs Cruise

I often find myself trying to tell friends about my latest album of obsession, but music is something that must be perceived directly! I wanted the feeling of demonstrating something for people in person, where you can hold their attention better than sending them a song, so I decided to make a video podcast series about an audio-only medium. I captured a lot of B-Roll style footage and mixed in some found imagery to create a visual bed for the mainstage music experience.

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Put Games Here series

Mirroring my games Tumblr this series focuses on interesting designers and experiences. Additionally, I tried to record my voice over in a calm way and without doing too many takes. I find the liveness of many game player personalities exciting but am also easily fatigued by false sincerity and improvisation. Friends have jokingly called my videos "ASMR Compatible".

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