Virtual Reality Sculpture Tool

Made in collaboration with Troy DuGuid as an installation for Retune 2016. Allowed participants to snap together 3d shapes into an abstract architecture. The system supports moment to moment snapshots, allowing us to play back a time lapse of the days progress in-engine. Although we built specifically for the HTC Vive, I'm hoping to continue expanding this as an art tool for everyone.

Colored Candles

Unity 2D Project

Working with artist Dang Wayne Olsen I created a psychedelic point-and-click game featuring custom shaders and audio code. While originally designed for mouse input, I hope to bring it to tablets sometime in the future.

Download it for Mac / Windows

Zephyr Prototype

Unity 3d

Mimicked features from my favorite game Phantom Dust. Built fully modular character controllers with swappable fighting powers and many states. Simple component based 'driving' of the controller from either player input or AI state machine.

Play RGB on newgrounds


Flash Game

An early flash game I made, a challenging infinite runner with obnoxious colors.

Play it online at New Grounds


Unreleased, Gamemaker

Originally a jam game, I created a randomly generating dungeon using Gamemaker Studio. As the concept was more of a prototype I decided not to release a final version as it turned out to not be very fun. :(