I'm the son of a teacher and a scientist and I like to think it shows. I do well teaching myself new skills be they technical or artistic and I really enjoy passing on knowledge to others. However, As a kid I did poorly in school. Mostly I forgot to hand in my homework or review my answers on a test, often I found myself not paying attention. I never had issues understanding the conceptual part of the material if I wanted to, but the format and pacing of school really bothered me. It was only in finding personal direction picking subjects at my own pace that guided me into adulthood. I firmly believe that student self-direction is the core of learning and I try to apply that in my experiences teaching and volunteering.

Elementary Classroom Volunteer

Hayward, CA

Working as a weekly volunteer in a third grade classroom affected me greatly. You need to be energetic and fun to hold attention, but also very patient as young children are still learning some of their most basic skills.

Computer Lab Instructor

Expression College, Emeryville

I assisted students with the practicals of video and audio editing and creating flash-based websites. Many students had basic computer knowledge but had never worked with media production tools and struggled in managing their projects and files, it was great to work in real time diagnosing problems and giving examples rather than lecturing.

Library Computer Docent

Oakland, California

I also volunteer at the library's main branch helping the public use the computer lab. We have about 30 computers open at any given time and patrons use them a wide variety of purposes. In any given shift I'll help people connect with relative, find music or video or print out critical documents for jobs and the legal system. Many patrons have little to no practical experience using a computer, so I help them click and type.